Aintree Kiwi Gin

Aintree Kiwi Gin

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Aintree Gin – Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi fruit Gin is currently the best seller at Aintree Gin.

When served with ice with nothing more needed than a plain tonic. This refreshing tropical craft creation is a masterpiece by Aintree Gin’s master distiller.


Truly a creation of Merseyside Heritage

Our master distiller continues to build on 3 generations of forebears who were distilling in Hill Street, Toxteth from 1809. Our unique recipe contains 15 botanicals creating a rich and complex gin with peppery spice notes and a smooth sweetness from the herbs.
Aintree Gin distillery is located a stone throw from the world famous
Aintree Racecourse
Since 1938 Aintree has proudly hosted one of the worlds biggest most thrilling sports events in history.
The Aintree Grand National
Is ranked in the worlds top ten most watched live sporting events, watched live by over 600 million people worldwide every year.