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Aintree Gin is a craft organic gin brand based in Liverpool. Vegan friendly organic gin that is truly a creation of Merseyside’s heritage. Our master distiller continues to build on 3 generations of forebears who were distilling in Hill Street, Toxteth from 1809. The unique recipe contains 15 botanicals creating a rich and complex gin with peppery spice notes and a smooth sweetness from the herbs.

Our distillery is located a stone throw away from the world famous Aintree Racecourse. Since 1938 Aintree has proudly hosted one of the worlds biggest most thrilling sports events in history.

“The Grand National”

Which is ranked in the worlds top ten most watched live sporting events, watched live by over 600 million people worldwide every year.

We wanted to create a brand that reflected this exciting time of the year when our city comes alive for "The Grand National Event”. Most of the team are from Aintree (or very close), so we can all relate to our brand personally and this has created a passion and a fantastic buzz around the distillery.



The COVID 19 outbreak resulted in the cancellation of all of Aintree Gins Grand National events, including working with bars, restaurants , hotels and an Aintree Gin Cocktail bar outside the race course.

With excessive stocks of ethanol (pure alcohol) and reflecting on the situation we figured out how we can help. After deciding we could deliver maximum Impact by addressing the nationwide shortages of hand sanitiser. We have converted our production line to produce Antibacterial sanitiser spray.

Our team are fully committed to the challenge and have agreed to working rota hours in 24 hour shifts thus increasing production capacity by 300%.

Already we have set up direct supply lines to local Care homes, Hospices, emergency services and Hospitals in the North West who are all very low in stock.


24 Hour Emergency PPE supplies.

We now keep supplies and a delivery van available 24 hours a day in case of emergencies for emergency services, care workers or NHS.

Our emergency PPE stock including N95 rates face masks and shields.

This can be delivered to the front line within one hour any where in Liverpool or surrounding areas.

Our Promise

We will keep our promise to only sell our sanitiser at reasonable prices!


100% organic, made with NO animal related ingredients. Aintree Gin pride themselves on being an organic business. We are passionate about creating an environmentally friendly and organic product range without compromising quality. The Aintree Gin brand promises to deliver the highest quality products.